Best fake Nails at Home

Best Fake Nails at Home is an efficient and convenient thing. Gluing them is faster than extensions or using gel polish. You can swap out the designs whenever you’d like because they are straightforward to remove. Most significantly, they are essentially safe.

The main thing is to prepare the nail properly. The plates, depending on the type, may already contain glue, or its application will be required before fastening. These nails are also very easy to,

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What are the best Fake nails?

Fake nails are special temporary plates that are placed on top of natural ones. Their main purpose is to hide imperfections. Fake Nails first appeared on the American market in the 80s of the twentieth century, the founder of which was the Broadway company. 

This version of manicure, in contrast to extensions, is considered more gentle, since the nail plate itself is not cut down and its top layer is not polished. Fake nails at home are available to every girl.

The following types of nail plates are distinguished according to the gluing method:

  • Plastic tips – you need to use glue for them;
  • Self-adhesive – in this case, a special sticky layer has already been applied to the inside of the Fake nail;
  • Flexible plates – made using Flex technology, they have a very flexible, but at the same time very fragile structure, so they cannot be compared with the first two options in terms of strength;
  • Hard varnish

The main material for the production of Fake nails is ABS plastic. To

What are the best Fake nails

There are 3 forms of fake nails:

  • Oval fake nails
  • Square fake nails
  • Spicy fake nails

Fake nails can be bought in specialized nail stores, where they have everything for manicure and design. 

There you will find a wide range of temporary plates and can choose the ones that are right for you.

Moreover, all types of fake nails can be glued at home:

  • Transparent ones are a great option for girls who love experiments. You can choose any design, for example, floral. Since the tip itself is transparent, and the native nail can be seen through it, it is necessary to apply varnish. And then give free rein to your imagination and decorate with any nail accessories to your taste (rhinestones, bead designs, etc.).
  • Natural – looks very similar to real nails. They are used to achieve the effect of long natural nails. It is not always possible to dilute this option with drawings, since the tips are already coated with varnish of a natural shade.
  • Designed nails are for girls who don’t deviate from fashion trends in manicures. The advantage of plates with a ready-made coating is that there is no need to use varnish, which flies off quite quickly. 
  • To get long and spectacular nails, simply choose plates with the design you like. But don’t forget that if you’re tired of your manicure, you won’t be able to repaint or change anything.

The modern nail industry identifies three main trends in nail design:

  • Sketching is bright drawings on fake nails, which are easy to apply and can be done quickly. Watercolor or colored gel polish is usually used as a background. And the image is applied on top in the form of strokes, complemented by drops of gel polish of a different color or thin “cobwebs”.
  • Tattoo design. A very effective option for manicures, including dark shades, elements of geometric shapes, and floral patterns. It is better to choose a white or beige background. As a result, the tips produce a design similar to a tattoo.
  • Camouflage. This design came into fashion with the advent of so-called camouflage translucent colored bases. This design is surrounded by “negative space” and looks as if it were applied to an unpainted nail. The nail plate itself is leveled using a camouflage base. Drawings in the form of abstractions, bright dots, and chaotic lines of different colors look especially advantageous on it.

Advantages and disadvantages of best fake nails

The advantages of fake nails include the following:

  • Compared to extensions, you will spend much less money on purchasing consumables for manicures.
  • The choice of tips is great.
  • Fake nails can be removed even at home whenever you want.
  • Creating such a manicure is simple and quick.
  • At your request, you can make any shape and length of your nails


  • Compared to extensions, fake nails last less.
  • They don’t look entirely natural.
  • Glue has a bad effect on the nail plate.
  • Traumatic for your nails.
  • If you use cheap glue, you can seriously damage your nails.

How to attach the best fake nails at home?

How to make fake nails at home? Let’s look at each type of tip in detail.


  • Tips are selected individually according to the width of the natural nail
  • If necessary, the nail plates are filed
  • The tips need to be arranged in order
  • Apply a little glue to the inner surface
  • Apply the tip to your nail and press down slightly for about 10 seconds; glue all fake nails in order
  • Let the glue dry and start designing.


  • On the inner surface of the tips, remove the protective film from the sticky layer and carefully glue them one by one onto your nails;
  • Make a spectacular design using rhinestones, stickers, special varnish, etc.

Hard varnish

They are self-adhesive tips that are attached to the nails thanks to the warmth of the hands. This material is quite easy to use and is practically harmless to natural nails:

  • Wash your hands well and, if necessary, wipe off old varnish
  • Nails should be filed as short as possible
  • Take a buff and polish your nails well, then degrease them
  • Take the plates a little smaller than your original nails, since they will increase in size due to the warmth of your hands when gluing
  • Remove the protective film on the inside of the tip, carefully glue it, and smooth it out a little with your fingers (due to the warmth of your hands, it will take the necessary shape
  • if you want to remove hard varnish, it will be enough to pick up the edge of the material with an orange stick).
How to attach the best fake nails at home

Caring for the best fake nails

Below are some tips for caring for fake nails tips at home:

  • To prevent your manicure from falling off the first time you wash the dishes, it is important to know how to apply fake nails at home. The best option is waterproof glue, which can be sold either complete with plates, or can be purchased separately in a specialized nail store.
  • Never bite fake nails.
  • If you apply varnish to the tips, you should remove it with a non-acetone product so as not to damage the overlay plates.
  • If you have to do general cleaning or any other task that requires prolonged contact with household chemicals, protect your hands with household gloves.
  • After removing the fake plates, give your natural nails a rest. Do not apply any products to them, take a break for at least a week.
  • During your vacation, take care of your nails: do masks, baths, and massage with oils. In general, choose any procedures to suit your taste.

Tips for using the best fake nails

  • There is no need to try to press the tip onto the nail as much as possible; it is better to step back a little from the cuticle.
  • Sand the joint between fake and natural nails with a buff.
  • Give preference exclusively to high-quality degreasers.
  • Always use a clear base.
  • If the shape is loose, a hairdryer will come to the rescue. Due to its heat, the plate will warm up, and you can press it down lightly.
  • Try to minimize contact with household chemicals, especially those containing acetone.

How to remove the best fake nails

To understand how to remove fake nails at home, you need to consider how they were glued:

  • In the case where you applied the glue separately to the tips, just hold your nails in a warm bath for a little while (10–15 minutes), and then carefully pry off the plate.
  • If you used a stronger glue for your manicure, you will need a gel polish remover; apply it to a cotton pad or lint-free cloth and wrap the nail with this impregnation; After 5–15 minutes you can try to carefully remove the tips; by this time the glue will have softened.
  • Impresses or other versions of self-adhesive fake nails can be removed quite simply – using an orange stick; carefully pick up the plate and remove the tip; if that doesn’t work, you can drop a little nail polish remover without acetone into the cuticle area.

Frequently asked questions about best fake nails

How did fake nails come about?

The founder of the production of fake nails is considered to be dentist Fred Slack from Philadelphia. In 1957, while working, he broke his nail, but instead of the usual band-aid, he made himself an artificial one for a while until his one grew out. The materials were aluminum foil and dental acrylic. He was so amazed by the result that he soon patented his product. Although in fact, the first fake nails had already appeared two centuries earlier. They were made by another dentist, Maxwell Lappe. But they were not used for cosmetic purposes, but as a remedy for people who constantly bite their nails.

Having registered a patent, Slack’s company NSI immersed itself in nail work, and in 1970 it was one of the first in the world to create acrylic manicure and extension products.

How much do best fake nails cost?

The average price is 300 rubles. The set includes either 100 pieces of uncoated base plates or 24 pairs of tips – fake nails with stickers that can be used at home. It turns out that this manicure option is more profitable than gel polish if you change it, as expected, once every two weeks. You can save a lot in a month. Although there are also very impressive expensive sets. For example, fake nails from Swarovski. The set consists of 10 nails encrusted with crystals, and its starting price is approximately $200 (15,000 rubles).

What are the advantages of fake nails?

In different circumstances and for different reasons, a girl may decide to use fake nails:

  • She doesn’t want to spend money and time on extensions. Firstly, it takes about 2 hours, and secondly, the service is not budgetary – the price starts from 1000 rubles.
  • She has a very active lifestyle, so she cannot afford to wear long nails all the time, but sometimes she wants just such a manicure. The situation is well known to new mothers, because with long nails, caring for a small child is quite problematic.
  • There is a significant event coming up, at which the girl must look incomparable, but she does not have time to go to the salon.
  • Her nails are in poor condition, and therefore extensions are not suitable for her.
  • The option with decor is an excellent solution for budget-conscious fashionistas who do not have enough time for salon treatments.

How to use the best fake nails for children?

Daughters always try to be like their mothers in everything, which is why they follow fashionable nail trends. For such little fashionistas, there are also fake nails, for example, the children’s series of the Broadway Kiss Little Diva brand.

Parents need to remember that such a manicure should be done as rarely as possible and choose safe glue. Children’s nails are delicate and thin, highly susceptible to injury. The best option for babies is self-adhesive tips.

Under no circumstances should you allow your child to attach and remove fake nails on their own, as this can lead to unpleasant consequences.

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