The shape 2024 of the nails for a manicure is the basis of any nail art and is as important as the chosen design.

You can be on trend by choosing the right type of nails, even with a single-color coating. It is the shape that can highlight the beauty of the hands, lengthen the fingers, or add inconvenience to the daily routine. Nevertheless,

I want to be aware of fashion trends and know what nail shape is trending, even with the variability of fashion.

Nowadays, fashion strives for naturalness, naturalness, and well-groomedness. But the flexibility of fashion trends has not left aside lovers of extravagant images and extraordinary nail art. The most important thing to pay attention to when choosing your nails’ shape and length.

There are many forms in total, and they often replace each other. Oval, square, almond, stiletto, ballerina – popular nail shapes photo:


Last season, the non-standard look of nails was on the wave, while elongated nails – the natural shape of nails – are the trend for 2024.

Shapes for short-length 2024

What are the different nail shapes for short lengths? Oval and square are becoming the most popular. According to the rules, the oval shape on the side of the free edge should mirror the growth line of the cuticle – this is how the nails will look harmonious.

The oval shape is aristocratic and natural we will look good on almost all hands and can visually lengthen short fingers a little; in addition, it is a very practical shape – the rounded edges are less susceptible to chipping.

This type of nail can be chosen at any age – it will look relevant and advantageous at any length.

Shapes for short-length 2024

The soft square shape of nails tends to have smooth, smoothed corners rather than sharp or sharp ones and is more suitable for those who have naturally thin and long fingers.

This is very practical, unlike the classic square – the chance of breaking off a corner or chipping the coating in this case is much less than in the classic version.

Looks great on short and long nails. It is this shape that looks unique with a French coating.
Long nail shapes.

Long Nail Shapes 2024

The almond-shaped manicure is the most popular – it looks harmonious and natural. Thanks to its length, it becomes a canvas for manicure masterpieces and looks great on almost any hand.

It visually elongates short fingers. The almond shape of nails can be oval and slightly pointed, both options are the current shape of nails in 2024.

When adding extensions, the almond shape of nails is one of the most popular because it looks great on both medium and long lengths.

It is often confused with an oval; their difference is that the almond is more elongated towards the edge while the oval retains its roundness. Almond goes well with feminine and soft designs, matte finishes, and rubs.

Long Nail Shapes 2024

The shape of the ballerina’s nails does not lose its relevance. Ideal for elongated and long nails, it also has another name – pointe shoes – the nail tapers towards the free edge, is straight cut at the top, and resembles ballerina shoes.

ballerina's nails

Stilettos are the manicure nail shape trend of 2024, repeating the fashion of the 40s. But now they are losing popularity due to the fashion for naturalness. If you fall in love with just such nails, don’t give up on them. The main thing is a moderate amount of decor.

These nails, reminiscent of a sharp, long dagger, will look great on long nails and will visually lengthen short or voluminous fingers.

Stilettos nails 2024

Pipe or tube. The peculiarity of this type is that they are created exclusively on extended nails – when creating it, internal arches are formed that resemble half a pipe. It cannot be said that the pipe will retain its position because it will not be able to look natural. However, this type is popular among lovers of extravagant and non-standard manicures. It is important to create a laconic design that will not overload long nails.

pipe stilleto

For those who love bold experiments, the beauty industry offers asymmetrical nail lengths. One arm will be short and the other will be longer.

You can leave them the same appearance; for example, a short soft square and a long one. Or you can experiment – leaving the same length and different shapes for each hand – only your imagination and the masters can stop you!

Korean manicure never ceases to amaze, and the famous Korean nail artist offers a non-standard free edge of the nails – lipstick. Look, maybe this form will inspire you to make bold decisions.

Korean nails 2024

When choosing which manicure is in fashion now, do not forget that not all types like an abundance of jewelry. Of course, a French manicure, like a moon manicure, in any color scheme will look elegant on any nails.

Marble stone and waterway will look more impressive on long nails, and popular expressionism can either cover a short nail and become the accent of the entire manicure, or detail of more complex nail art on long nails.

Color block, negative space, sea, white veil, neon, geometry – all this requires attention to detail and form.

sea nails 2024

If you don’t want or can’t grow long nails, then this season you will be at the peak of popularity. Naturalness, lack of length, and discreet coverage become favorites along with being well-groomed and neat. A hygienic manicure carefully performed with a professional Staleks tool, a camouflage base that matches your skin color, a matte or shimmer top coat, cuticle oil, and hand cream – and you won’t be able to take your eyes off your elegant, delicate, aristocratic hands.
Nail fashion may change depending on the current.

Fashionable nail shape for 2024

Nail fashion may change based on current trends and preferences, so let’s summarize the length and shape of the manicure to choose this year.

Square nail shape:

Rectangular with corners, giving a classic look suitable for office work. A soft square with rounded corners is particularly popular, and relevant for various styles – from strict to romantic. Sharp square nails are also in demand and often modeled when extending on top forms.

Oval shaped nails

Oval-shaped nails, with short and long models: A natural and feminine option that follows the contours of the natural plate, suitable for different finger and nail types.

Round nail shape:

Soft and natural, often chosen by those who prefer short nails and dislike square shapes.

American nails:

A blend of oval and pointed shapes, the nails are wide at the base and taper towards the tip.

Arrow-shaped (stiletto) nails:

The answer to making fingers look longer. Sharp and long, usually tapering towards the tip, suitable for bold and daring girls.

Combined options:

Nails combine different elements, such as a square base with an oval tip or vice versa.


The choice of nail shape depends on individual preferences, style, and lifestyle. Trends may change, but it’s important to choose a shape and length that looks harmonious, matches aesthetic taste, and doesn’t disrupt daily life, but instead brings joy and satisfaction.

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