Pink Manicure Nails Design Ideas 2024

The color pink has many “essences”: it can be light and delicate or dramatic and bright. We have prepared a selection of pink manicure fashion trends for 2024 with design photos for all occasions.

This color has many more facets than we used to think. Pink nail designs can suit different looks: light pastel shades and a minimalist design go well with a business suit, and bright fuchsia goes well with a bright look for a party.

A manicure with pink polish is universal. It looks equally good on any nail shape and length, goes well with the vast majority of other colors and never goes out of style. In our article, you will find a selection of various options for beautiful pink manicures. Do not forget the secret to selecting the right choice of nail polish shade but also a high-quality manicure. If you prefer to treat your hands yourself, then test yourself with our video instructions.

Pink Manicure Nails Design

Are you tired of the usual manicure with a monochromatic finish? Then this test is for you! We will help you choose a fashionable nail design based on your beauty preferences.

The pale pink polish fits perfectly into the 2024 fashion agenda. The fashion for naturalness and pastel colors is not going away, so we advise you to take a closer look at light shades of pink. If such a manicure seems too banal and boring to you, complement it with graphic minimalist designs, rich paintings, or intricate patterns.

In 2024, pink nail designs are hard to imagine without glitter. It goes well with different design techniques – moon manicure, French manicure, ombre: the choice is unlimited. Pink manicure with glitter is no less relevant in 2024, a selection of photos is below.

Don’t give up on the rhinestones that are fashionable these days, but use them in moderation. Try to find a middle ground: so that the sparkles on your nails look beautiful and aesthetic, and not vulgar.

Manicure 2024 and pink shades are not complete without minimalism – the basis of an impeccable image. A bunch of different, even very beautiful, design elements can turn out not to be in your favor. Give preference to discreet but stylish designs: stripes, dots, simple geometric shapes, and laconic inscriptions.

Pink manicure ideas with silver or gold

A pink manicure with silver or gold is a great option for an evening out, New Year’s, or wedding nail design.

  • Three-dimensional designs look especially chic on a matte pink finish. Flowers in a dark silver shade are one of the most feminine and delicate options.
  • The classic moon manicure becomes interesting if you add a little silver. An interesting solution: highlight the holes not on all nails, leaving a plain pink coating on others.
  • Luxurious gold combined with a rich pink hue will attract attention. A pink and gold manicure would be appropriate for any special occasion. Please note that the color of the hole can be changed on different nails.
  • Minimalism in design is an absolute trend. Two small yellow gold sequins will highlight your style, while the discreet design won’t distract from the rest of your look.

Options for gray-pink manicure

Pink and gray manicure for 2024 is a universal combination. This combination is suitable for a manicure for every day – one that should be combined with every element of your wardrobe. Our selection includes the most successful combinations of these shades.

“Metallic” will be an ideal duet with light pink and peach shades. If a two-color combination seems too simple to you, we suggest complementing it with a simple pattern in the same shade.

Spring pink manicure 2024 requires using gray as the main color in nail design. On matte pink nails, such a voluminous design looks impressive and unusual.

A gray-pink ombre will perfectly complement a business look. But remember that this design is difficult to replicate on short nails. Before visiting a hairdresser at the salon, make sure that it will look perfect on yours.

Black can complement a gray-pink ensemble: feel free to combine the coatings on different fingers.

Beautiful pink and blue manicure

A manicure in pink and blue tones is another classic option. Combining these colors – in clothes, manicures, and accessories – has long become familiar. These colors evoke associations with youth and tenderness.

Summer pink manicure 2024, as well as flawless wedding nail designs. The delicate combination of pink, blue, and white is complemented by triangular outlined holes.

An ideal pink manicure for summer 2024 or the bride and her bridesmaids on that very special day.

A bold, hot pink manicure has not lost its relevance in 2024. In the photo below, the pink and blue manicure is complemented by gold stripes. Please note that this manicure will look especially good on long nails.

Pink and blue can also be combined directly in a design. Like the example below: a cute image of pink and blue balloons on a light pink background. An excellent option for a birthday party – the birthday person will be pleased with such attention.

Soft pink nail design

A soft pink manicure is always a good solution. These types of nails are unique and universal for any occasion. Brides especially love it: on this day you want to look especially gentle and feminine, and this color will go well with the bride’s bouquet. But even if a wedding is not in your immediate plans, this is an excellent option for a manicure every day. See our selection and get inspired by ideas.

Light pink manicure 2024, and its simplest version in the form of a single-color coating. If you have dark skin or have recently returned from vacation with a good tan, this manicure is for you. Despite the simplicity, such a manicure in light and pink shades will look impressive and elegant. You can complement it with drawings in pastel colors – for example, turquoise or mint.

A pink manicure in 2024 can be decorated with a minimalist geometric pattern.

Pink matte manicure in 2024 looks stunning on long nails. Combine it with a rocker look – a holey denim or leather jacket.

Manicure with black and pink polish

A black and pink manicure in 2024 in photos attracts everyone’s attention. If you want to be noticeable, this color scheme will be a great solution. The most popular option is a pink manicure with a black pattern.

Nude pink finish and black velvet sand on the ring fingernail. The velvet sand design has become particularly popular over the past two years.

Probably because the unusual appearance of such a coating is unusual and attracts attention.

Youth pink manicure design for 2024 – unusually shaped holes. The black coating and heart-shaped holes go well with the soft pink coating on the ring finger and the unusual design.

Black “lace” patterns on a pink background also look very impressive.

The star trio – pink, black, and gold – in a new unusual form. Long nails with this design will perfectly complement the look for a party or other important event.

Original minimalism: black drawing in the form of a brush stroke on a pink background. Conciseness is always in fashion, but especially these days.

Hot pink manicure

Hot pink nails will always lift your spirits! By the way, they don’t need a design – bright pink itself attracts everyone’s attention and adds color to boring everyday life.

Can’t decide which shade of pink to use? Use everything! Plus, they fit perfectly together.

Fuchsia is one of the most sensual shades of pink. This is a great manicure option for a long-awaited date.

Follow the trend for unusual holes and boldly combine them with a bright pink matte finish. This feminine manicure will fit especially well into a romantic look with a light dress.

Pink French on nails

It’s easy to make a classic French manicure unusual – just add some small detail to the manicure.

For example, color. We guarantee: that photos of pink French nails will inspire you to experiment with manicures.

When it comes to a jacket, even the most daring combinations can look appropriate. For example, red and pink colors go well together, especially if they alternate.

Pink and white manicure 2024, for example, a simple white and pink French manicure on ballerina-shaped nails. A good solution for a manicure for every day – it can be combined with both business clothes and a casual outfit.

Add a little gold to your manicure to make it brighter! This way, even the most boring French manicure will look fresh and original.

Pink manicure with rhinestones and sparkles

Fashionable pink manicure for short nails in 2024 – these are the holes “on the contrary” in gold color plus a light pink coating.

Looks especially good on short nails. Photo below.

The new fashionable pink manicure in 2024 is a feminine design option that combines colored rhinestones, a pattern, and a French element.

A manicure with gold glitter and a gold foil print is perfect for a party or public event. This way you will feel like the center of attention!

Review of manicure polishes in pink tones

We have compiled a selection of pink nail polishes that you will not be disappointed in! The list includes both new items and time-tested varnishes from permanent collections. So, this is what the top 5 pink polishes look like, according to the editors of makeup.

La Laque Couture, shade 11 Rose Futuriste, Yves Saint Laurent

Rose Futuriste is a stunning deep pink. In addition to the depth of shade, this varnish has many other advantages. The main thing is an interesting composition, which includes rose oil. This oil strengthens and protects the nail plate from damage.

La Laque Couture, shade 11 Rose Futuriste, Yves Saint Laurent
La Laque Couture, shade 11 Rose Futuriste, Yves Saint Laurent

Vernis in Love, shade 301 Flaneuse

A delicate light pink shade is a suitable option for girls who adhere to a business or casual style. Long-lasting coating from Lancôme will provide a neat and stylish manicure for every day, and a convenient brush guarantees quick application.

Vernis in Love, shade 301 Flaneuse


Esie is one of the most popular and affordable nail polish brands that is loved by girls all over the world. This creamy shade will look great when worn alone or paired with other colors. A convenient brush, typical for products of this brand, will help you apply the varnish in an even layer the first time.


Colorama, shade 11, Maybelline New York

The noble shade “dusty rose” will complement your everyday look. The good news is that Colorama polishes dry in seconds after application, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time creating a neat, natural manicure.

Colorama, shade 11, Maybelline New York

Which of these polishes have you already tried? Write in the comments! Below, look for more ideas visit our site.

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